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The cornerstone of our program—what sets MASTERs Plus apart from other private tutors and franchises—is our Academic Assessment. This assessment pinpoints skill gaps and allows us to design an individualized program to address those issues.

We use nationally recognized standardized tests, in alignment with the Common Core Standards, to access your child’s:

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Sight Words
  • Basic Math Skills

After your student’s Assessment has been evaluated by our staff, you’ll meet with Executive Director Zena Smith to discuss your child’s academic strengths and challenges, review our outline for a successful individualized program, set appropriate goals and begin the enrollment process – at any time of year.

Our goal is to bring your student to grade level as quickly as possible. Unlike a national franchise, at MASTERs Plus, your student is taught in a private, one-on-one setting to ensure that they progress steadily and in accordance with their individual learning pace.

MASTERs Plus offers academic and ACT / SAT assessments starting $100. Pay online now to receive a $25 discount.




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Impressing on the ACT is the surest way for any student to widen their options after high school. The higher your student’s ACT score, the greater her chances for admission and scholarships at competitive colleges and universities. As early as 7th grade, your student can begin cultivating the specialized skills needed to achieve attractive scores on this high-stakes standardized test.

But properly preparing for the ACT takes a lot of hard work. It can be a confusing, time-consuming, and stressful journey for even the most dedicated student. We understand that, and we’ve devised a program to make the path to ACT readiness as simple and accessible as possible.

At MASTERs Plus, we’re proud of what sets our ACT prep program apart from those of competitors:

  • 1-on-1 Instruction:  ACT test prep takes place exclusively in one-on-one environments so your student can grow familiar and comfortable with a single instructor who knows their goals, challenges, and unique learning style.
  • Qualified Instructors:  We want to practice what we preach. That’s why all of our ACT test prep instructors are required to have scored a 30 or higher on the ACT. They don’t just know what it will take for your student to succeed. They’ve done it themselves.
  • Skills Assessment:  Because each student is different, MASTERs Plus begins every ACT prep program with a pre-test that measures your student’s unique learning needs and skills gaps. Then we design a program to provide that knowledge and close those gaps before their junior year.
  • Targeted Learning:  Your student’s time is precious, so we don’t want to waste it by teaching what they already know. If the initial assessment reveals a student is proficient in any of the four test sections—English, Mathematics, Reading, or Science Reasoning—we focus instruction on their weakest subjects until they’ve caught up. When that happens, we will reassess, recalibrate, and determine the next step to ACT readiness.
    Alternatively, students may opt for an abbreviated, pro-rated program focusing specifically on one or two subject sections needing improvement. If you and your student are happy with their score in a given subject area, we’ll leave it off the agenda entirely, saving you time and money.
  • Real Situational Practice:  Say goodbye to test anxiety. Each student who preps with ACT will take no less than three full-length practice exams. We use real, retired ACT tests from years gone by, so your student can get a feel for the kinds of questions—and learn to fight through the situational test stress—that they can expect to experience on test day.
  • Detailed Review:  While most tutoring programs just supply a score, we review all of the incorrect answers to help our students see where they went wrong and determine the “why” behind the correct answer. This allows them to master the content, learn the test-taking skills, and become the kinds of critical thinkers and problem solvers who excel in standardized testing environments.

The MASTERs Plus Promise:  The proof is in the test points. Students who prepare with MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program see an average score increase of 4 full points from their initial test date. We’re so confident in our test prep strategies that we’re willing to make you a promise: If your student comes to MASTERs Plus with a baseline or starting score of 18* or above in each of the four ACT test areas, we guarantee they will see a composite increase of at least 4 points on their next text attempt following completion of our program. If not, we’ll provide an additional 18 hours of instruction – FREE of charge**.

*Qualifying baseline scores include official ACT score reports or MASTERs Plus assessment results. **Additional restrictions may apply. Contact Executive Director Zena Smith to learn if your student qualifies.

To find out more about the ACT and discover official testing days, times and locations in your area, visit

Full Program:
Full Program includes 56 hours of instruction (in all exam subjects and writing), 3 practice exams, and books $2,645.00
*3 Monthly Installments $881.66
Partial Program (No Writing):
Partial Program includes 50 hours of instruction (in all exam subjects but writing), 3 practice exams, and books $2,375.00
*3 Monthly Installments $791.66
Half Program (No Writing or Practice Exams):
Half Program includes 20 hours of instruction in any 2 sections of the Exam, 2 hours of mapping (22 hours total), and books $1,115.00
Add Ons for Half Program:
Writing (6 hrs) $270.00
Each Practice Exam Review (2hrs) $90.00



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When you are considering a Catholic or private high school for your student, you’ll find that success on the COOP (Catholic High School Entrance Exam) or the HSPT (High School Placement Test) is essential for acceptance. In 2014, 100% of students who prepared for the COOP and HSPT with MASTERs Plus were admitted to their schools of choice, with many of them receiving advanced placement and scholarship offers.

We ensure the best chances of acceptance for each student by carefully explaining the test format, question types, and scoring criteria for each exam. Our programs provide unparalleled coverage of math, verbal skills and quantitative reasoning topics for HSPT students, as well as in-depth analysis of sequences, analogies, verbal and quantitative reasoning, reading, language arts, and mathematics for students taking the COOP.

As test day approaches, we’ll review your student’s individual skills and challenges, time management capabilities, and test-taking strategies. Then we’ll revisit the skills and subjects that need the most work. At MASTERs Plus, we won’t stop until your student knows what to expect and has mastered the concepts they’ll need to succeed big on test day.


By law, Illinois students cannot graduate the 8th grade until they have passed a test on our state and national constitutions. Whether it’s the Illinois State or United States Constitution test, our teachers are fully prepared to help your child understand the concepts and tenets—from voter eligibility requirements to U.S. flag code—that will complete their understanding and enable them to advance academically.


College readiness simply can’t begin your student’s junior year in high school. True college readiness starts much earlier, often as early as the 6th or 7th grade. Middle school is the ideal time to overcome bad habits, lack of direction, and early learning deficits. Studies show that failing to meet learning standards in middle school leads to further deficiencies in high school and afterward. Middle school is the time to improve, to enhance and to enrich, and put your student on the path to academic excellence.

By developing habits and skills of success early on, students position themselves for better high school GPAs, higher ACT test scores, and increased opportunities for admittance and scholarships to prestigious universities. Because EXPLORE determines which classes your child will be assigned during their four years of high school, and because those classes often shape their college opportunities, this test can chart the course of your student’s entire future.

By identifying your student’s challenges and resolving those through our prep program, your child’s EXPLORE test results will ensure that he is placed in classes that will help him discover his interests, develop individually, and improve academically.

Through our EXPLORE test prep program, your student will:

  • Discover and explore high school- and college-level material
  • Gain familiarity with key test concepts
  • Develop a thorough understanding of testing mechanics
  • Experiment with alternative test-taking strategies

Students who prepare through EXPLORE test prep won’t just take pride in their accomplishments today. They’ll also develop academic confidence and enthusiasm as they look forward to a brighter tomorrow.



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Reading comprehension simply refers to the ability to understand what has been read. Nonfluent readers find themselves reading a page over and over and struggling to retain any of the material. This leads to a frustrating lack of confidence that instantly disrupts the cycle of success.

At MASTERs Plus, we have found that students who acquire strong reading skills at an early age enjoy a better long-term academic experience. They become intrinsically motivated to learn because the simple act of reading no longer defeats them. Instead of struggling to process the information they’ve read, they can focus on applying it to the material itself, and that is what makes learning fun.

We understand that reading comprehension difficulties can occur at any time in a student’s academic career. Whether a student needs help with basic pre-reading concepts like letter formation and recognition or advanced skills such as vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, and decoding, we will design a program to help them meet and exceed the reading requirements for their age.

Upon entry in our program, each student receives a comprehensive assessment of his or her reading level and basic strengths and weaknesses. Based on our findings, we customize a program to target and treat the trouble spots that are holding them back. Depending on your child’s unique student profile, our tutors may emphasize work in:

  • Phonics: Students will learn systematic and predictable relationships between written letters and spoken sounds.
  • Phonemic awareness: They will learn to think about, identify, and work with individual sounds in spoken word.
  • Vocabulary: They will learn grade level–appropriate words to help them expand their lexicon, understand what they read, and communicate more effectively.
  • Sight words: Children learn to recognize common sight words from the Dolch and Fry lists for their respective grade level.

Learn more about academic assessments at MASTERs Plus, or sign up for an assessment today!

When ready, your student will move onto more sophisticated reading skills and strategies, including visualization, skimming, note-taking, and various methods of review.

Using these new skills, your student will be able to process key ideas, understand what they’ve read, and most importantly, retain the information they’ve covered. Best of all, they’ll do it in a no-stress, judgment-free, 1-on-1 learning environment. This formula ensures that each and every student who reads with MASTERs Plus develops a mastery of all the key ingredients for reading success—confidence, fluency, comprehension, and enjoyment—at their own pace, on their own time.

And because we are never satisfied with the minimum, we won’t quit when your student simply catches up to the class. We’ll keep going until they get ahead. By the end of our reading comprehension program, your student will read confidently at a full grade-level above their current academic year. Here, students don’t just learn how to read. They learn how to enjoy it.



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A student can be a rock star in math and science and still need help when it comes to reading, writing, or a foreign language. For students who don’t need across-the-board assistance but seek improvement in one specific subject area, MASTERs Plus offers streamlined, 1-on-1 subject tutoring.

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Each of MASTERs Plus’s subject tutees begins with a comprehensive academic assessment to identify their individual strengths, weaknesses, and areas of concern. After determining where these students need help (and where they don’t), our tutors develop a customized lesson plan that targets these problem areas in ways that compliment each student’s unique learning style. We’ll never force a student to learn outside of the speed and style that they find most comfortable, because we take tutoring one student at a time.

Our instruction fully encompasses the rigor of the new Common Core standards. These standards define the year-by-year knowledge and skills that every student must learn as they prepare for high school and college.

With each subject tutoring session, your student will focus on various technical skills, critical thinking exercises, and problem-solving sets designed to help them meet and exceed the state-mandated standards for their grade level. In alignment with the Common Core approach to education, our instructors use a building-block approach to skills development. Each new lesson adds to, and expands upon, the foundations that came before it. If we determine that a student’s struggles are attributable to an earlier misunderstanding of one of these fundamental skills, we will return to it, review and correct it, to ensure that your student gets back on track and continues to grow and develop as desired.

In addition to target teaching the concepts, operations, and materials that students are required to learn, our subject tutors also focus on imparting key study skills that will allow them to keep the momentum they gained at MASTERs Plus long after they’ve left. We check note-taking skills, make suggestions when needed, ensure students are prepared for upcoming tests and quizzes, and help them manage their study time—to guarantee success now and in the future. Because the only thing that’s better than academic excellence is academic independence.

At MASTERs Plus, we want students to not only find the correct answer, but also be able prove they understand how and why they got there. That’s why our subject tutors deliver a level of academic rigor that is both manageable for your student and sufficiently challenging to prepare them for competition in the global economy.

MASTERs Plus offers subject tutoring for students of all ages in the following subject areas, where applicable.

English Language and Literature

Your student won’t just read literature; they will become fluent in the language by experiencing it, engaging with it, and engineering it for themselves. From evaluating literary elements such as setting, tone, mood, conflict, and perspective, to employing these elements in their own written pieces, your child will explore and develop the critical thinking, problem solving, and organizational skills needed for higher-level writing.


MASTERs Plus provides specialized assistance in all levels of math. Beginning with basic arithmetic and continuing all the way through the most advanced operations, we are prepared to assist your student at any moment in their academic journey—grade school, college prep, honors and AP math, college-level concepts and beyond.

Students can rely on MASTERs Plus’s for 1-on-1 tutoring in any of the following subjects:

  • Elementary Math (Grades 2-6)
  • Geometry
  • Trigonometry
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra I
  • Algebra II
  • Pre-Calculus
  • Calculus
  • Statistics

By breaking down the essential operations into smaller, less overwhelming chunks, we help our students make sense of, and ultimately internalize, the rules of math.

Once students show they understand the math—and prove they can do it—we will walk them through real-life applications so they can see for themselves why math matters to accountants, woodworkers, and sports statisticians alike. At the end of the program, your student will walk away with a mastery of the operations, a high level of confidence in their ability to perform them, and an appreciation for their application in the classroom, office, and beyond.


Sudents can rely on MASTERs Plus’s for 1-on-1 tutoring in any of the following subjects:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

From Biology to Chemistry to Physics, real science is about the why and the how—questioning the world around us, proposing new explanations for what we see, and doing the work to separate fact from fiction. We want our students to understand that, with science, small details can lead to huge discoveries. Rather than memorizing formulas, your student will aim to understand the reasoning behind them.

Our science instructors, all of whom are highly qualified educators and experts in their fields, will work alongside your student to facilitate a journey molded by the curiosity of your child.

We know it is more important to pose intriguing, engaging, and powerful questions than it is to serve up concrete answers to which a child feels no connection. Based on these questions, we will walk your student through the fundamental steps of the scientific process—determining a problem, developing hypotheses, conducting experiments, doing the research, and making accurate conclusions. After exploring these main concepts, we’ll provide assistance with organizing and conveying the information they discover through real laboratory reports.

At MASTERs Plus, the goal is simple: to help your student feel a connection to science and its infinite possibilities!

Social Studies and Geography

At MASTERs Plus, we bring social studies to life. Your student will explore the connections between yesterday and today through a wide range of stories, biographies, news stories, and historical documents. In doing so, we’ll connect past events with today’s news headlines, and determine how both have shaped modern legislation and sculpted the international political landscape.


Learning a second language has never been so important. In today’s globalized economy, multilingualism is a sought-after asset that can open unlimited scholarship and job opportunities for every student.

MASTERs Plus provides individualized assistance in basic, intermediate, and honors-level Spanish. From vocabulary recognition to verb conjugation and everything in between, your student will master the essential skills that make it possible to speak, read, write, listen, and learn in a second language.


Help With Homework

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NOTE: MASTERs Plus Tutoring Program offers homework assistance to students in grades K–7.

Every student struggles with homework at some point in his or her academic career. In today’s busy world, the reality is that parents increasingly lack the time, resources, or specialized knowledge to help them catch up. Being unable to help is a frustrating feeling, but not one that should defeat you or your student. Help is within reach.

Whether it’s a string of difficult assignments, a tough chapter, or test preparation woes, MASTERs Plus can assist your student regain momentum in all basic study areas:

  • English Language and Lit
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Spanish
  • Writing

Our homework assistance program is simple. First we partner with your student’s teacher to monitor and keep pace with the material being taught in the classroom. After analyzing problem assignments and consulting teacher-approved lesson plans, our instructors determine the essential study skills, mechanics, and time management strategies that help your student the most. Then we share them with your student in an intimate one-on-one environment.

If it seems your student has fallen especially far behind their classmates, our tutors will go back to diagnose and fill in any content gaps that are impeding the mastery of current material.

To keep you involved along the way, we’ll provide monthly progress reports so you can stay in touch with your child’s growth, development, and academic progress. Once they’ve caught up, we’ll alert you so you can determine how to best proceed with your student’s unique academic needs.


Essay Writing Assistance

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From term papers to college essays, learning to write effectively is often the last obstacle standing between a student and their unique education goals. Even students who perform well across multiple subject areas still struggle to express themselves clearly, creatively, and cohesively on the page.

Whether your student is preparing their personal statement for a college application, dreading the essay sections of the ACT or SAT, or simply struggling with a term paper or writing project, MASTERs Plus can guide them through the formatting, sequencing, sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation problems that are slowing them down. More importantly, we’ll help them see their theme, tone, and transitions through another set of eyes—the ones responsible for your student’s grade, score, or admissions decision.

When your student seeks college essay assistance at MASTERs Plus, you can rest assured that they’ll walk away with a better understanding of essay mechanics and a renewed confidence in their ability to articulate their thoughts in writing.



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You’ve seen your student put in the time—they do the reading, take all the notes, and complete each chapter review—but the test results just don’t match their hard work. You know they are capable, you’re sure they’re intelligent, but time and again their report card leaves you both frustrated.

We understand these problems, and we know what happens when students feel defeated by underperformance. It begins a repeating cycle of non-success.

The good news is that we can help.

Our formal study skills program is uniquely structured to teach your student to study right. They’ll learn the specific habits and strategies that all successful people share, so they can achieve unlimited success in the classroom.

At MASTERs Plus, we don’t just want your student to work hard. We want that hard work to count. That happens by focusing on the skills that matter, the ones that truly make a difference. Students who participate in study skills training at MASTERs Plus will receive expert instruction in:

  • Time management
  • Organizational skills
  • Reading comprehension
  • Test preparation
  • Note taking
  • Communication
  • Essay writing
  • Goal setting

We believe that these skills are universal and integral to independent learning. Not only do they apply across all study areas—from math to science to language arts—but they also apply at every stage of life. Through our study skills training program, your child will develop life-long habits of efficiency that will improve their test scores, boost their self-confidence, and inspire them to learn independently.


Robotics. Technology. Engineering. Fun!

Sunday STEM Robotic Program for Kids, Tweens & Teens

Calling all future engineers and students of STEM! MASTERs Plus and award-winning Key Link Technologies are partnering to offer you a hands-on, highly interactive experience that will improve science, technology, and math (STEM) skills and overall academic performance, while promoting team work on the path to self-discovery.

Register Today!!!
Next Session Begins April 22, 2018 - 3-5 p.m.
  • Robotics

    Learn VEX Robotic System by creating, designing and programming radio transmitters, sensors and other hi tech devices to complete game of robotic military missions.

  • Technology

    Using advanced technology students will configure logic boxes, switches and radio frequencies while working with a team to collaborate on robotic projects.

  • Engineering

    Learn how to race and compete in the Student Racing Challenge Ten 80 Student. Apply automotive engineering, science, math, electronics, graphics art to build and race your own RC electric touring car. Grade level: K-6th grade

General Course Outline

  • Week 1

    Building and Construct Robotics
  • Week 2

    Programming LEGO Brick
  • Week 3

    Programming |Code & Algorithm
  • Week 4

    Develop *Mobile App (*mobile phone required)
Learn more about Key Link Technology

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We believe in the power of one.

Every student has the ability to succeed in the classroom, but all too often the classroom stands in the way of that success. Students can become distracted or intimidated by a room full of peers, and a single instructor simply cannot accommodate the unique learning needs of ten, twenty, or thirty students. Real learning, we’ve discovered, happens one student at a time. That’s why we limit our class sizes to one.

When you enroll your student at MASTERs Plus, you can be confident knowing they’ll receive the attention they need to catch up or get ahead of the class. Once we’ve assessed their personal learning style, strengths, weaknesses, and goals, we’ll develop a program and assign the instructor who can best help them succeed at whatever it is—from surviving finals to making the honor roll, or even acing the ACT.

At MASTERs Plus, we never just follow the lesson plan. We design the right one for your student—by building the kinds of meaningful relationships that make real learning possible.

Picture of Zena Smith the Founder of Masters Plus

We are committed to seeing students in our community dream big and succeed big.

- Zena Smith, Founder & Mother

Picture of Zena Smith the Founder of Masters Plus

We are committed to seeing students in our community dream big and succeed big.

- Zena Smith, Founder & Mother


Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what the proud parents in our community have to say about MASTERs Plus.

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