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Our tutors are overly qualified and have the credentials to match. In addition to passing various subject-area exams administered by MASTERS Plus to gauge a tutor's proficiency, all reading comprehension candidates must be certified and all other tutor candidates must have their bachelor's degree or higher.


As a part of our team, you can look forward to a well-structured environment that will enable you to let your professional prowess shine. All tutors receive ongoing support, paid trainings, and open communication between themselves and the executive team. Once trained, tutors are paired with students whose unique needs best match their personal skill set. We look for tutors who love teaching and get excited when a struggling student begins to excel or has an "aha" moment. Also tutors who are engaging and want to help students take an active role in their learning experience. Not just providing the answers but encouraging their tutees to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

All employment opportunities are part time and flexible; however, applicants who are only looking for a summer gig this is not for you.



Always keeping in mind that although subject matter may be the same for the students you have, each tutoring session often should & will have an individual touch to it. The variety of each session will ideally stem from the area(s) where the student needs most attention and clarification.

This is where a Tutor's Brilliance can shine fully and allows innovation to take place. Our current team is full of individuals that shine in every room they step into whether it be virtually or in person. When you come up with a solution to something that others couldn’t figure out, you are seen as brilliant. It doesn’t have to be on the scale of solving world hunger. It can be finding a new route that skips traffic or a better way to save money. Brilliant people solve problems. They don’t just complain about the problems around them. They are solution-oriented. They recognize the problem and don’t speak until they’ve figured it out. They aren’t self absorbed. They live for a cause greater than themselves. They are making a difference beyond their own bank accounts.

They have a vision beyond themselves. They give and they give and they give. They recognize that life is more about what you give away than what you consume. And we want them on our team!



We always want to exemplify the most professionalism interacting with our students and parents. However we value relatability and it tends to go a step further for us. We would like our tutors to possess excellent interpersonal skills to help our tutees stay engaged and productive to utilize the entirety of their scheduled instruction times. Building relatability works so well because humans trust other humans. Our overall impression of a person changes depending on how we perceive them, and how others perceive them too. For example, if you’ve got a good impression of someone in your wider social circle as knowledgeable, successful and likeable, you’re more likely to want to see them as intelligent, kind and funny. This filters into the way students learn from our tutors and it makes it easier to "rope them in" to a new lesson, new concept and/or clarify ones they have previously struggled with in school.

To be able to understand and diagnose what a student and parent are experiencing with their struggles in a certain subject will shape how effective the tutors instruction will be. We take pride on being able to pull the best out of our students by meeting them where they are and adapting our lessons to meet their level of mental digestion and then elevate it.

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We are currently seeking applicants for:

  • High School Math
  • High School Science
  • Reading Comprehension
  • ACT/SAT Reading and English instructors
  • ACT/SAT Math and Science instructors

Straight from our Founder

Zena Smith

After 10+ years in business I still personally listen to all of my parents and take the time to match their student with the best tutor that fits their learning style and personality. It's evident we strive to improve our students skills and confidence (like our cycle of success suggests) and build important learning skills that make students successful long term, not just for one specific class. We are a close-knit company, not just a website that posts tutor profiles which separates us from other large tutoring programs and we take pride in this! If these principles sound like a company you desire to be apart of, we'd like to hear from you!

MASTERS Plus is consistently soaring high!

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